Digital development

Digital developmentWe believe that every technical project should begin and end with a strong business rationale and be measured using solid KPIs.

It is all too common to see projects that have been technically specified first and then justified by the business after. We know - we have rescued more than a few over the years.

From small microsites to huge multi-country social networks, Yoke Digital has professionally specified, managed and delivered thousands of commercial digital development projects over the past 13 years.

We have the experience and knowhow to deliver your digital project on time and on budget - every time.

Services at a glance

  • Digital development programme delivery
  • Website design and build
  • Commercial project scoping
  • Business, technical project integration
  • Senior digital project management
  • Expert digital team resources
  • Digital/technical supplier specification
  • Digital product development
  • Technical web services
    • web and email hosting
    • maintenance
    • back-up and recovery

Digital development problems we love to solve:

We love to solve digital puzzles we love to solve business problemsDevelopment issues

Want a website that looks good on every device AND gives more sales leads?

Need digital experts who understand both the business and the technology?

Concerned that the digital development programme has become disconnected from the needs of the business?

Too busy running the business and haven’t got time to become digital experts yourselves?

Digital projects issues

Is this project right for the business? Will it have a significant impact on revenue?

How do we ensure projects are integrated into the business?

Digital projects going nowhere fast but don’t know how to fix the problem?

Need to deliver digital projects but don't want to hire permanent headcount?

Are there potential free solutions that should be considered?

What new technology is around the corner? how can it be future proofed?

What features and functionality are absolutely essential, which could we do without?

Digital supplier issues

Not getting the best from digital suppliers but don’t know which or how to fix it?

Overly reliant on suppliers to drive your companies digital development?

Yoke Digital has the experience, skills and resources to solve problems like these and many more. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver creative cost effective digital business solution at pace.

What our clients say...

"From the start they took the time to completely understand our business, customers and goals. We quickly formed a highly effective team.  They helped to identify and win more business from our competitors resulting in 245% sales growth in 9 months. We recommend Yoke Digital to companies who want to quickly grow their businesses through the web"

John Dyer GrimesMD Dyer Grimes Architects

“Yoke Digital are refreshingly practical and business goal focused.  They are highly effective at translating business objectives into super-fast digital delivery and growth.”

He asks the right questions that cut through to the business need without getting bogged in technical nuance. In terms of working practice Matt has proven himself to be creative, reliable and responsive - what more could you want from a digital consultant and solution provider!

Matt has worked with us on numerous  projects and I’m glad to say his delivery has lived up to the first impression we had upon meeting him, and that was ‘this guy knows his stuff’. It is rare that you find someone you trust straight away with your most valuable of commodities – your clients.

"As an artist, websites are a million miles away from my world.   Yoke Digital took care of everything, only presenting easy-to-understand, non-technical tasks when my input was required.   What was truly fantastic was that I didn’t have to become a web marketing expert to enjoy new customers from the internet....   The finished site has had rave reviews from my clients. Very clear and easy to navigate and above all it looks amazing.   Thanks Yoke Digital, you're my hero!!!"

Jonathan HuxleyContemporary Artist

Matt Davies is a highly-experienced digital strategist with an extensive background in digital sales, marketing, product and business development. A great person to have in your little black book for all things digital...

Prior to us developing our own capability, the Yoke Digital team worked alongside us as a vital part of our team. Allowing us to integrate best of breed digital capabilities and practices into our business and client relationships.

Digital development services

Website design and build

Website design and digital developmentWhen we ask business owners what they are looking for in a website the majority say:

  • More sales leads
  • Brand represented well
  • Looks good on their PC and phone

All good, logical business objectives that make sense. Whereas most web builders focus on the design and technology aspects and work up from there. Yoke Digital focuses on your business objectives and integrates the design and technology as part of the process.

This sounds like a subtle difference but the results are dramatically different.

Without a complete understanding of the business, customers and market you are in danger of developing a website that:

  • looks good but gets no visitors
  • Looks good but gets no sales lead conversions
  • Looks good on the PC but is non-functioning on the mobile.

Yoke Digital create responsive design driven websites that deliver your business objectives as part of the digital development strategy, the rest is the detail (which we take care of too).

Commercial project scoping

Commercial technical project scoping and digital development

We will challenge your digital development plans to ensure the business KPI's and realistic revenue forecasting has been duly considered before any budget is committed.

The most expensive project of all is the one that should never have been started.

Business, technical project integration

Business digital project integration and digital development

Understanding how the project will integrate into the business before, during and after delivery. Without this stage you are in danger of delivering a project which is an expensive 'nice to have'.

Digital /Technical supplier specification

Digital development & digital supplier specification

Digital supplier specification, sourcing, review, optimisation and integration.

There are so many options to choose from, all of which at first to be the right choice.

We have the knowledge and experience to challenge, streamline and integrate all your digital services to maximise impact to your bottom line.

Senior digital project management

Senior digital project management and digital deveopment

Translation of business goals to accurate technical delivery is assured as all projects are managed by Matt Davies. A digital industry veteran with a 13 year proven track record of having delivered literally hundreds of digital development projects.

We take care of everything from:

  • Project scoping and development planning
  • Project specification
  • Technical project integration and delivery
  • Project management of in-house and external teams

Digital development team

Digital development - your digital team

We work with over 40 of the best digital specialists in the industry including:

  • Web developers
  • Database developers
  • Designers
  • Digital marketing specialists
  • Social media experts
  • Content specialists
  • SEO experts
  • Search advertising experts
  • Email specialists
  • Mobile specialists

We have the team to meet all your digital project needs.

Digital product development

Digital product development

From start-up to established brands, we have a successful track record of working with businesses at all levels of development.

If you are an existing business with digital products in the market we can add value through product and platform enhancement as well as market positioning and the identification of new untapped markets.

For new businesses we can help you to develop the right product feature sets for your target market as well as the best channels for launch.

Technical web services

Technical web services and digital development Hosting your website is not an exciting topic - it's an admin task.

Most businesses go for the cheapest option, others go for the most expensive in the hope that it will cover everything they might need.

Yoke Digital understands that small businesses just want it all taken care of with no problems or disruption to service.

We offer one package which simply ensures your website and email are taken care of all of the time.

Website and email hosting - baring worldwide catastrophe or serious hack your website and email will always be live.

Maintenance and security updates - Essential software and security automatically updated in the background.

Disaster recovery (DR) - if the worst were to happen, we have you covered with our disaster recovery back-up solution.