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Why you shouldn’t base buying decisions on relationships

People buy from people. Or so the saying goes. But here’s a question: If that’s really the case – and a number of proof points say it is, both empirically and anecdotally – should it be?

There are dynamics in any buying/selling relationship. Some are the classic type you’d find in an economics text book. There is demand and supply, negotiation and a price or range of prices at which a deal can be struck. There are hundreds of other aspects, outside the basics. (And plenty of books to tell you all about them.)

Banish black and white thinking from your organisation

From a young age we are taught by everyone to hold strong views and encouraged to vehemently push our point onto others. But for your business here’s a simple question: Is it a good thing?

I commented on an article recently, about medical approaches to schizophrenia (the top comment published under ‘MDA75’). The upshot was that solutions – in this case a step towards helping some sufferers – can come from unexpected places. (A cheap antibiotic intended for treating acne.)